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The Traditional Parking Methods
Car Parking Lifts Offer Levels of Efficiency Never Seen Before in Parking.Sometimes the older methods of parking are just not sufficient anymore. Traditional means of parking such as parking garages and parking lots make inefficient use of space when space is generally at a premium nowadays. In the case of a parking garage it can hold a large number of cars but has the following drawbacks:
  • Usually large amounts of excavation are necessary
  • Staff must be hired for administration, security and maintenance purposes
  • Expansion is virtually impossible
  • Space is wasted on stairways and walkways
  • Vertical space is not fully used
Parking lots are even more inefficient in their use of space. They use very large amounts of space to handle the minimum amount of vehicles. They make absolutely no use of vertical space at all.
Breakthroughs in parking technologies have led to exciting new parking solutions that are extremely efficient and affordable. These new solutions involve using hydraulic lift systems to stack vehicles.
Benefits of Parking Lifts
There are many benefits that come from utilizing a parking lift. They are simply unmatched in parking efficiency and ease of use. They are relatively new to North America but parking lifts have been in use extensively in Europe and Asia for many years now. The idea of one car for one physical parking space is no longer the only way to look at parking solutions.
Parking lifts operate on the stacking theory of vehicle parking. Stacking vehicles is the most efficient means of parking because it makes use of vertical space (which is free) as well as horizontal space (which can be costly). Making use of vertical space is a relatively new way to view parking solutions, but it is imperative to making the most of the available space.
These types of parking lift systems are generally very easy to implement and install, with little to no excavation required. In some instances a "pit” is required to be dug, but not usually. This means that the parking solution can be installed and ready to use in a minimal amount of time.
The compact nature of the car parking lift systems means that providing security is much easier as well. Instead of having to patrol many different levels of a parking garage, all the vehicles can be seen from the ground level. Maintenance is generally only required once or twice a year at most and is usually done by the company that sells the parking solution.
Types of Parking Lifts
Parking lift systems come in many different variations that can handle different vehicle volumes. Some are optimal for multi-family residential or commercial/office use, while others work well for single family homes or small businesses. These types of parking lift systems are:
  • Stack Parkers
  • Semi-Automatic Parkers
  • Fully Automatic Parker
  • Pallets
  • Turntables
There are parking lift companies that have been perfecting the model for upwards of 40 years resulting in technologically sound products and a history of successful installations. These systems are changing the way we think about parking and they are ushering in a new era of efficient parking solutions.
Parking Lift Garages Have Environmental and Economic Advantages
An Old Idea Brings New Advantages
Automatic parking lifts have been around for a while. The earliest recorded parking structure was in Paris, just after the turn of the last century. In 1905, Paris had the most cars of any major cities, and city planners were already worried about their effect on the city's built environment. As a result, the first multi-level garage building was constructed; cars were driven on to an elevator and raised hydraulically to one of the levels above.
Automated parking lift structures also graced a number of American cities by the 1920s but their popularity would be surpassed quickly by two other modes of parking. Large surface lots were seen as an easy and cheap solution for parking – they just required vacant land. Parking garages were also built in which the many levels were linked by ramps.
But it has become abundantly clear that both those parking solutions are flawed. Surface lots are uneconomic wastes of space, and reduce the walkability of a city. Drive-in parking garages have become sites of criminal behaviour and big producers of greenhouse gas emissions.
So things have come full circle – back to that 1905 solution in Paris: the automated parking lift garage.
The Advantages of Parking Lifts
Crime is reduced in automated garages, because access to the garage can be controlled. The car owner waits in a safe, well-lit area while the car is brought down. Studies have shown that almost a quarter of vehicle thefts occur in parking structures and with no access ability to an automated garage; this is eliminated.
Similarly, a hydraulic lift garage has a dramatically beneficial green effect. One 2009 study found that 350-space automated parking system reduced carbon monoxide emissions, nitrogen oxides by 81 percent, and carbon dioxide by 83 percent when compared to a ramp facility of comparable capacity.
And there is a visual effect. Surface parking lots are not beautiful. Parking garages are rarely aesthetically pleasing places either. The spatial economy of an automated garage, with its stacked parking, is a great fit for densely populated cities, adding safety and protecting the environment.
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